The Modern-day entrepreneurship

Discover the untold requirements and truths within. I’ve had a few experiences that need sharing, and there is nothing in this book that says “Be like me. Do what I did”. This is simply a guide.

What's Inside!

The Author

Chapter 1

A New World!

An often-undiscussed paradigm and how we need to reverse and evolve from its effects. 

Chapter 2

The Search

 I knew something had to change. I knew nothing would if I didn’t. So, this is how I found what had to, and how I did. 

Chapter 3

Prime The Pump!

Every now and then I come back to this story.  Where many find themselves now. Where I was and how this story carried me through.

Chapter 4

The Listener : Ideas, Thoughts, Dreams, Plans

Who you share your ideas with. what effect they all have on your ideas. How to categorize your listeners and how they will impact your ideas. 

Chapter 5

Passion, Performance, Profit

The principle of the 3ps.  How to synchronize them to find ultimate fulfillment.

Chapter 6


What is and what is not. My near misses and my deductions from the battle within. 

Chapter 7

Start Small

Why this is a blessing and not a challenge. The importance of starting small and how to benefit from it. 

Chapter 8

A Lonely Journey

When you understand the contents of this chapter, you will make fewer enemies along your journey.

Chapter 9

Brand or Money

What to know about this complex relationship and the strategies required on each patch.

Chapter 10


Self vs self.  What to be aware of and how to protect yourself. 

Chapter 11


Gear up to swim in this pool. You won’t avoid it. Let’s discuss the gears you need

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the Author

Anthony Dzamefe

Anthony Dzamefe knows very well the struggles of being an employee at a job that lacks the satisfaction one is looking for. He is also very familiar with the struglles of self-doubt, the mistakes that plague entrepreneurs as they set out to create something of value.
He has grown his business from hawking of watches into an internationally recognised brand and still has much planned for the years ahead. Anthony Dzamefe was recently awarded the 40 under 40 awards innovator of the year


The Modern-day Entrepreneurship
(The untold requirements and truths within.)
Anthony Dzamefe